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Episode 106- The Return of Actually Actual Play, TEoX pt.1

Like a mad man, I am back with some actually play! It's been so damn long but I have finally buckled down and started editing this mountain of audio trash. So, here is part one of the Adventurer's League module The Eye of Xxiphu!


Episode 105-Zepalaver

Like the phoenix from the ashes, I not for the first time have come back to create and produce a poor quality amateur podcast episode. 


This time I'm chatting with my good buddy Mike, aka @zepwilliams and @elevated_images_dubuque on Instagram. We talk about Dark Tower shit, which also always my jam. 


Episode 104- VoidedFux

On on this episode I had the pleasure to interview Sarah, aka @voidedlux on Instagram! We talk about the Booksta world, astrology, and lots of other random shit!


Episode103- Lonely Fans

On a very special episode of The Rules Lawyers Podcast, Luke is joined by fellow D&D podcast host and long time friend Levi to discuss important relavant topics such as the cost of familial canibalism and the money they anticipate making on their upcoming Only Fans accounts. 


Levi is the DM and host of With Rolls & No Luck, an actual play 5e podcast that I (Luke) frequently guest on as the villian Elric. Search for his show on a podcatcher near you!


Episode102- Steve Likes to Read

We back at it again babey!!! This episode i am joined with my good Bookstagram buddy Steve to talk about D&D and nerd books!


You can find Steve on Instagram under the tag @stevelikestoread


Episode 101- Book Booty vs Spooky Boy

We have here a splendid interview with Alex (aka @_alexandraeiche on IG) talking about a lot of Stephen King, life in the Midwest, and how much of a simp Alex is for Eevee. 


EPISODE 100!!!- Dark Towerer: Too Dark, Too Tower (w/darktowerr)



I was so pleased and honored to be joined by Nicole, aka @darktowerr on IG, for this momentous episode! Check out her IG if you liked this fever dream of Stephen King/Dark Tower discussion!


Episode 99- The Man in Balt Fled Across the Desert…

This is a totally radical interview I did with my very good friend Marshall, aka @balt_immortal on Instagram. 


Topics: Stephen King (duh), Bookstagram, and how much better Marshall's hair is than mine. 


Episode 98- Gunslinging for Beginners w/pattyisbooked

You guessed it! More book talk! And big surprise, its more Stephen King/Dark Tower!


I'm joined again by my good friend Patty (aka @pattyisbooked on Instagram) as she has recently finished book one of the Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger. Of course, we had to talk about it and share it with the world. 


If you don't already and feel so inclined, check out my instagram feed @book_dad_luke for a whole lot more SK/DT/nerdy book related things. 


Episode 97- RLAD: Bookstagram Jamboree!

Here we have a couple of amazing follow book nerds with WAY more internet clout than I do gracing me with their presence. I have Patty (pattyisbooked) and Marie (topshelfbookreviews) on discussing King primarily, but we also just talk a lot about books in general. 

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